02 Jan 2013

The beginning of a New Year is always a good time to take stock of your team by identifying the developments, improvements and changes that are going to make you all more effective. Within many organisations, it is also the time when new corporate and departmental objectives have been formulated and agreed.

If you are going to ensure that your team is capable of achieving the new objectives and implementing change as well as best equipped to take on the resulting challenges, the following checklist will allow you to identify whether all is OK in your team and, if not, what action needs taking:

  1. Are all of the job roles aligned to the team’s objectives?
  2. Do you have the correct resources to deliver what is required?
  3. What training is required in your team to meet the department needs?
  4. Is everyone’s job description up to date?
  5. Does each person in the team have their own individual objectives?
  6. How effectively is the team operating – do you need to invest some time in developing the team?
  7. Do you need to re-align any of your processes to deliver the objectives?
  8. What ideas do members of the team have that can improve your ways of working?
  9. Do you need to ‘spring clean’ the office – change procedures, archive paperwork, destroy documents, etc.?

By following this straightforward process, you and your team will be in a far better position to face the challenges of the year ahead.

Happy New Year!

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