21 Jan 2013

A Way to Enhance your Management Team’s Effectiveness

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Our Core Skills of Management development programme has been designed to improve leadership, communication, motivation and other key people management skills. Our clients have been delighted with the exceptional results that have been achieved. Here is just some of the feedback from delegates who have benefitted from the workshop:

“I found the training incredibly useful and will serve me well in the long run. As I am sure you have heard very many times before, it was extremely well organised and run and quite amazing that you were able to retain a keen interest from all of us throughout.”

“A very helpful, inspiring course presented very well. Thank you!”

“A valuable workshop both in terms of the content and practical exercises. There is no doubt that it has given me a broader understanding to allow me to manage more effectively.”

We believe that the course works because it focuses on the key competencies involved in managing people and provides sufficient time for the delegates to practice the relevant skills. We are confident that it will work for you but we would be delighted to provide more detailed references and reviews from those who have attended previously.

We are running the programme again on 5th, 6th and 7th March 2013 and you will find further details on the structure of the workshop as well as the benefits to be gained by clicking on the following link CoreSkills . If you make a firm booking before 28th January, you will qualify for a 10% discount on our standard fees. It is being held at Highgate House in Northamptonshire which is a modern training centre within daily travelling distance of most parts of the East Midlands and East Anglia although outstanding accommodation and recreation facilities are available at additional cost for those who may require it.

If you want to make a booking, if you would like more information on the programme, if you are seeking further clarification on its suitability for a member of your team or if you would like to discuss any other training and development needs, please contact us by calling 01832 734300, by emailing at tim@mcmconsultants.co.uk or by sending a message through our website at http://www.mcmconsultants.co.uk/contact/

We will be delighted to help in any way we can.

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