Do Employers Develop The Managers They Need Or The Managers They Deserve?

Research recently published by the Chartered Institute of People & Development (CIPD) has revealed that more than 33% of line managers and supervisors have not been trained in how to motivate and lead their teams. Perhaps leadership comes naturally to many although the outcome of the survey suggests otherwise. 2,069 UK employees responded with 806.. read more →

A New Year Resolution

The beginning of a New Year is always a good time to take stock of your team by identifying the developments, improvements and changes that are going to make you all more effective. Within many organisations, it is also the time when new corporate and departmental objectives have been formulated and agreed. If you are.. read more →

The Government’s Employment Law Reforms will Result in Little Benefit or Change for Employers

The Government’s latest employment law reforms unveiled last week by Business Secretary, Vince Cable, may have attracted a good deal of publicity but, in reality, they are unlikely to have little impact for either employers or employees. Mr Cable is justifying the proposed measures on the basis that “We have been looking across the range.. read more →