Do Employers Develop The Managers They Need Or The Managers They Deserve?

Research recently published by the Chartered Institute of People & Development (CIPD) has revealed that more than 33% of line managers and supervisors have not been trained in how to motivate and lead their teams. Perhaps leadership comes naturally to many although the outcome of the survey suggests otherwise. 2,069 UK employees responded with 806.. read more →

A Way to Enhance your Management Team’s Effectiveness

Our Core Skills of Management development programme has been designed to improve leadership, communication, motivation and other key people management skills. Our clients have been delighted with the exceptional results that have been achieved. Here is just some of the feedback from delegates who have benefitted from the workshop: “I found the training incredibly useful.. read more →

Managers Should Coach to Unlock Potential

With time at a premium these days, when a member of your team asks “What do I need to do about…?” question or “How do I do…?” it is often easier to provide a ready solution.  How often have you heard yourself saying in response “What you need to do is….”? Probably regularly but is.. read more →