11 Oct 2013

Do Employers Develop The Managers They Need Or The Managers They Deserve?

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Research recently published by the Chartered Institute of People & Development (CIPD) has revealed that more than 33% of line managers and supervisors have not been trained in how to motivate and lead their teams.

Perhaps leadership comes naturally to many although the outcome of the survey suggests otherwise. 2,069 UK employees responded with 806 of the participants having responsibility for managing others.  The results identified a number of surprising and worrying trends:

  • In 48% of organisations, leadership development is mainly targeted at the senior executive team;
  • Only 25% of respondents said they would be more likely to go to their supervisor for advice, preferring to go to a colleague;
  • Only 61% of employees rate their manager as trustworthy;
  • Few junior managers and supervisors see themselves as leaders;
  • Only 8% of the junior managers and supervisors surveyed thought that being good at motivating staff would make them more effective!

So what should we be taking from these revelations? More effective training is a part of the solution but it is only an element.

The starting point seems to be that many organisations need to review the purpose of the role of managers, team leaders and supervisors. If managers are not leading their teams effectively and don’t believe they should be doing so, it has to be asked whether the role is necessary.

If they are required as leaders then they need to understand what is expected of them by giving them measurable performance criteria. They should be supported with guidance, direction, training and mentoring to provide them with the skills and knowledge to perform effectively in the role and develop their credibility with the people they lead.

Finally, it has to be remembered that it is not only the managers whose effectiveness needs to be reviewed against established criteria. Performance analysis and measurement has to be undertaken on your development and training methods. If you are not ensuring that the training style, content or mix is relevant, you will not be developing the type of managers that will develop your organisation in the way required.

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