01 Aug 2012

Effective Performance Management – A Core Element to its Success

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In these tough times every employer wants to ensure that they are getting the most out of their staff and that each person is providing value for money.

So, why is it that managers regularly do not make it clear to each member of their teams what is expected of them, what they are expected to achieve and how success will be measured?  In addition, once a person has been recruited, reviewing the priorities of his or her role and implementing the resulting training requirements often gets forgotten.

These days, most organisations need to be able to adapt and change rapidly in response to market and customer requirements. Consequently, it is vital not only to update your team on what you want them to do and on what basis you will be judging their performance, but also what skills they need to develop in order to meet the needs of their roles.

Job descriptions are often seen as lengthy, tedious, out-of-date and despised documents which lack focus, being far too preoccupied with trivial detail. However, if they are prepared in the right way, they should play an important role in ensuring that every member of the team and, consequently, the organisation has the flexibility as well as direction to achieve and succeed.

A job description should be a short, precise document which clearly identifies the key tasks and, importantly, the expected end results of the tasks. By combining these elements with the main measures of success, all members of staff  will have a very clear picture of what is required of them.

Really good, clear job descriptions will also lend themselves to the effective identification of training needs.  It is from a discussion about performance in each of the key areas of the job that the gap between existing performance and required performance enables identification of the training needs required in each area.

The process will lead to improved performance – something all employers should demand to maintain and improve success.

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