14 Nov 2012

Great Leadership – Key to Success

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One of the keys to business success is having effective leadership in place at all levels within an organisation.

You only need to look at the negative side of the picture to understand how vital effective leaders are.  Poor leadership of either teams or individuals will result in:

  • a lack of direction for the team and uncertainty for individuals;
  • low morale creating low productivity and missed targets;
  • an untrained team who are not able to respond to challenges which, in turn, leads to frustration (of all parties!);
  • high staff turnover (even in hard times);
  • inconsistent messages being received by the team leading to confusion and unease amongst team members;
  • a lack of individual development opportunities;
  • a lack of praise and recognition;
  • frustration at not being asked for an opinion or the opportunity to put ideas forward;
  • reduced motivation because of the lack of appreciation.

And these are just a few!

To develop effective leaders and thus avoid the above ‘doom and gloom’ scenario, the areas of focus need to be:

  • improve leaders’ self-awareness.  The more leaders understand their own styles and preferences, the more effectively they will be able to communicate with their teams and begin to comprehend the needs of others around them;
  • address conflicts and confusion to ensure everyone knows the team goals as well as the part each one of them has to play to achieve them.  This may require making the leader to make unpopular decisions but they will be accepted providing a clear rationale is given to support those decisions;
  • build the capability of the team to not only be able to handle today’s challenges but also equip them for those in the future;
  • review performance regularly both at team and individual levels to ensure that performance is aligned to the overall goals of the business, especially in an ever-changing business climate.

Most leaders can improve.  Identification of the important areas for development is the best starting point followed by planning and introducing a supporting implementation schedule will put leaders on the path to becoming the heroes of the business!

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