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Managers Should Coach to Unlock Potential

With time at a premium these days, when a member of your team asks “What do I need to do about…?” question or “How do I do…?” it is often easier to provide a ready solution.  How often have you heard yourself saying in response “What you need to do is….”? Probably regularly but is.. read more →

The Government’s Employment Law Reforms will Result in Little Benefit or Change for Employers

The Government’s latest employment law reforms unveiled last week by Business Secretary, Vince Cable, may have attracted a good deal of publicity but, in reality, they are unlikely to have little impact for either employers or employees. Mr Cable is justifying the proposed measures on the basis that “We have been looking across the range.. read more →

Effective Performance Management – A Core Element to its Success

In these tough times every employer wants to ensure that they are getting the most out of their staff and that each person is providing value for money. So, why is it that managers regularly do not make it clear to each member of their teams what is expected of them, what they are expected.. read more →