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Spending Time on your Selection Process will Reap Rewards

The Daily Telegraph reported on a survey earlier this week which had revealed that as many as 50% of managers do not even interview staff before hiring them! You might wonder in these hard economic times how anyone can take on such a huge financial burden (salary and on costs) without ensuring that they really.. read more →

Employment Law Reforms

This past week has seen the Government announce plans for a number of employment law reforms: Consultation on redundancies These proposals are aimed at “improving the ability of companies to respond to changing economic conditions” and “improving the quality of the collective redundancies process”. A formal consultation document has been published which seeks views on.. read more →

Workers who Fall Ill on Holiday are Entitled to Further Paid Leave

The European Court of Justice ruled yesterday that if employees fall sick during their annual leave, they will be entitled to re-take that holiday at a later date. The ECJ’s decision (which is binding throughout the EU) stated, “The purpose of entitlement to paid annual leave is to enable the worker to rest and enjoy.. read more →