11 Jul 2012

Poor Performance โ€“ Ineffective Managers or Inappropriate Tools?

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A survey published today reveals that many managers lack the ability to deal effectively with underperforming members of their teams. 45% of employers believe that the majority of their managers are not sufficiently competent to confront, counsel or coach employees who are not achieving the desired standards.

Interestingly, the survey (produced by XpertHR) also finds that a third of employers have trained less than half their managers in any performance management skills. Those that have provided some training have focussed primarily on the appraisal system and how to use disciplinary procedures.

In effect, therefore, the employers are creating their own problems by not providing sufficient support, tools or skills to their managers which, in turn, would allow them to develop high-performing individuals and teams. These days, we are working in ever-changing markets which require continual refocusing of priorities. In this type of environment, the traditional once a year appraisal is wholly inadequate because it is reactive and backward-looking.

MCM believes that a commitment to effective performance management must be apparent at the highest level. It should be a continual process which focusses primarily on the future and it must link the performance of individuals to what is required to achieve the goals of the organisation. It must be supported and actively executed throughout the entire management team to maximise its effectiveness. The managers should be provided with training and support to ensure that they possess the range of skills and knowledge necessary. Finally, the process needs to be clearly communicated to all involved; paying particular attention to those whose participation is limited to being managed rather than managing others.

We have introduced schemes that achieve these goals into a range of clients of different sizes and working within many sectors. We would be happy to discuss how we would be able to help you.

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