29 Jun 2012

Spending Time on your Selection Process will Reap Rewards

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The Daily Telegraph reported on a survey earlier this week which had revealed that as many as 50% of managers do not even interview staff before hiring them! You might wonder in these hard economic times how anyone can take on such a huge financial burden (salary and on costs) without ensuring that they really have matched the person to the job.

It is easy to focus on the particular experience that someone’s cv offers whilst ignoring whether the person will actually fit the culture of the organisation or, indeed, have the ability to develop other skills often needed and which are equally important to any technical experience they may possess. There is also an assumption that the cv is a true and honest reflection of an individual’s career.

The costs of poor recruitment decisions are far reaching not only in terms of direct staffing costs but also in lost opportunity costs and the impact on other members of the team. Perhaps managers should invest a little more time in the vital recruitment process to make sure they get it right first time!

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