HR Management & Support for SME’s

A ll employers want to ensure that they have a motivated, well-trained and effective team. There is a need also to comply with employment legislation, to retain key workers, to reduce employment costs, to develop training programmes or to deal effectively with individual staff problems – the list is endless.

These demands have to be met but, for reasons of cost or size, many organisations cannot justify a HR Manager. Consequently, the burden falls upon senior managers whose time and talents should be better used elsewhere.

MCM will adapt the service
to meet your specific

MCM provides your organisation with the opportunity to pass on or share these responsibilities by offering a professional, cost-effective personnel management service which is so flexible that it will meet any particular requirements.

We can deal with all matters related to employees and their employment. As well as establishing good practice and monitoring changes in legislation which may affect your operation, we will be available at all times to advise and guide you on training and development; recruitment; pay and benefits; managing employee performance; and much more.

MCM will adapt the service to meet your specific requirements. Perhaps you just need the reassurance of having someone available at the other end of a telephone who possesses the relevant knowledge and experience to provide guidance on employment matters.

Alternatively, we could become your HR Manager on a part-time basis. We would ensure that all HR matters are developed to the highest standards, providing a quality service to all parts of your organisation. MCM would be available at any time to provide advice, guidance and direction on any relevant matter.

MCM is always happy to have a commitment-free meeting to understand your requirements as well as assess the level of service which would match your particular needs.