Managing Employee Performance

M CM is convinced that every employer should be actively managing and developing the performance of every employee – both individually and as a team member. The benefits include a greater focus on organisational goals, improved teamwork, better prioritising, more effective leadership and higher levels of profitability/productivity. It has to be central to the successful implementation of your strategic and operational plans.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of introducing schemes but our approach to implementing or improving performance management will depend upon the nature and needs of the organisation in question. It could range from the straightforward through to the highly sophisticated but right at the heart of any scheme will be a focus on keeping forms and paperwork to a minimum. From our experience, too much bureaucracy is the primary reason behind performance management schemes proving ineffective.

The breadth of our expertise means that we can provide direction and guidance on all elements of the process including:

  • Scheme Design and Implementation
  • Conducting Performance Reviews
  • Key Accountabilities
  • Targets/Goals/Objectives
  • Key Result Areas
  • Competency Identification and Profiling
  • 360° Assessments
  • Relevant Skills Training

If you think your organisation would benefit from using a performance management scheme or you are looking at ways of developing your existing scheme further, we would be pleased to explain how we may be able to help.